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Sabari and Ramayana
The influence of Ramayana is evolving the culture, custom and history of India is a fact recognized by everybody. Not only Sabarimala but certain other places are also closely connected to the mythology in Ramayana.

The Holy river Pampa is made reputed, by Sabariyashram or manthangasramam which was near this river. This was where Sabari offered her warm welcome to Sri Ramachandra and Lakshmana when they arrived there. Sabari was the ardent worshiper of Sri Rama.

Sabari did not attain Moksha Hence she took rebirth and led a life of a yogin in the Neeli Hills which is on the east of Pampa she mediated there awaiting Dharma Sasta's arrival. The Neeli Hills on which Sabari lived is todays Sabarimala. It is named after this pious yogini. It is the place where Sabari attained moksha.

The confluence of three rivers Kallar, Kakkattar and Pampa is named Triveni. on a huge rock "about one km east to triven' there are foot - prints. It is named Sri Rama Pada, as it is considered the foot prints of Sri Rama.

Five kilometers south west triveni is stretched out a place called Kishkinda. This is a rock but picturescue place with all the divine beauty. These stories and legends may be farfetched. There are many other mythological stories and some of them are given below. Perumthenaruvi near Ranni is said to be the place where Guha assisted Sri Rama to cross the river. Still the remnants of temple is seen at the bank of Perum thenaruvi. There is a cave at Arappara. It is believed to be dug by Sri Rama and Lakshmana. It is earnestly guessed that the idol in the cave was duly worshiped By Sita Devi.

At Malampara near Kochukoyical there is a ruined temple. This is believed to be consecrated to Maha Vishnu and it was worshiped by Sri Rama and lakshmana. A divine place ed Gurunathan Mannu 15 kms away at Plappally. The place is already named as Poomkavanam. The place is believed to be the most divine spot as the hermitage (Ashramam) of saint Valmeeki was situated.

The ruin of a temple is found here. Sithakuzhi, Seetha mala, Seethamudi and Seethathode are holy places associated to Sabarimala which gets their name after Sita Devi. So close to the Kakkadu Hydro ElectronicProject, there is an unfathomable pit. This is the place where mother earth absorbed Sita into her when she was abandoned by her husband Sri Rama. Seethamudi near Seethakuzhi is the place where Sita Devi threw her hair.

Mathangavanam had become Sabarimala after the name of Sabari. All these places in and around Sabarimala remind us of the mythology of Sri Ayyappa and Sri Rama.