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Eight possible stampede points identified in Sabarimala

Crowd surge may lead to stampedes at eight emergency points in Sabarimala Ayyappa temple and its premises. These hazard points were identified during a risk assessment process carried out as part of the preparation of Crisis Management Plan (CMP) for Sabarimala.The plan was prepared by the Institute of Land and Disaster Management. Stampede could occur at Vadakke Nada, in front of Pandithavalam steps, Padinjare Nada, subway in front of Pathinettampadi, walking and tractor way from Nadappanthal, space between RCC Nadappanthal and Malikappuram building, Nadappanthal queues and foot overbridge and steps in front of Fire Station near aravana-appam counters when the crowd density goes beyond the accommodating capacity of the area, pointed out the CMP. The disaster management experts have identified the heavy egress after Makarajyothi Darshan as the most vulnerable time for stampedes. After the darshan, pilgrims leave Sannidanam in a short span of time