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Ponnu Pathinettampadi
Pathinettupadi (18 divine steps) to the sanctum sanctorium is divine in all aspects. The first three steps depict “Bhoomi, Agni, Vayoo & Akash”, 6 to 9 steps for Karmendriya, 10 to 15 for Jhanandriya, 16th for mind 17th Intelligence and 18th Jeevathma Bhava. Those who cross all these steps are believed to achieve “Punyadarshan”.

Step 1 Naga Yakshi
Nagayakshi is one of the parivara devatas of Sastha and she is stationed at many of his temples like Kulathupuzhai, Achan kovil etc
"Onnam Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 2 Mahisha Mardhini
Mahishamardhini is Durga Swaroopini an infacther advent took place before Swami’s Manikanta incarnation and she annihilated Mahisha and Manikanta destroyed his Sister Mahishi
"Randam Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 3 Annapoorna
Sastha is Annadhana Prabhu and is very happy in the pious deed of feeding all his devotees – always. A Sastha devotee is never in want of food – throughout his life time.
"Moonam Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 4 Kaali
Kali is the Goddess of time and change representing both the creative and destructive aspects of Nature. She helps those who strive for knowledge of self.
"Naalam Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 5 Krishna Kaali
Krishna Kali is one such deity with whom devotees have a very loving and intimate bond, in spite of her fearful appearance. She is known for destroying ignorance.
"Ancham Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 6 Shakti Bairavi
Shakti Bhairavi is the ugra swaroopini of Shakti and she is known more to the devotees as the famous Yakshi – who is seated in the court of Lord Sastha
"Aaraam Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 7 Kaarthaveeryarjuna
Kaartha Veeryaarjuna is an Amsha of Sudharshana Chakra. He got Satha Upasana from his Guru Datta and obtained many great powers and rose to a level of God
"Ezhaam Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 8 Krishnaabhan
Krishnabhan is more popularly known as Karuppan. He is the cheif of all the Bhootaganas of Sastha’s Bhootha sena. He is seen in almost every Sastha temple in Tamilnadu and few age old temples of Kerala.
"Ettam Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 9 Hidimba
Hidimba is one of the chief warrior but also the preceptor born in the clan of Asuras. He is seated as the guardian deity of the ninth step.
"Onpadham Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 10 Vethala
Vethala is considered to be the head of Ghost and Goblins and in an amsha of Bhairava. Sastha is Bhoothanatha who controls these Ghosts and hence Vethala is one among his parivara.
"Pathaam Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 11 Naagaraja
Nagaraja is the king of the Serpants. In general Anantha is considered to be the King of the Naga Kingdom and he is stationed at the eleventh step here to destroy the Sarpa doshas of the devotees
"Pathinonnam Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 12 Renuka
Renuka is the Mother of Parasurama who was killed and later resurrected by Parasurama. After the death of Jamadagni, Revana Siddha gave her Sasthru Deeksha at Padavedu and she is stationed here.
"Pantrendam Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 13 Swapna Varahi
Swapna Varahi is a form of Vartali who gets pleased with the devotees and comes and guides the devotees through dreams.
"Pathimoonam Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 14 Pratyangira
Pratyangira is Ugra Swaroopini who is very much forceful in action and her primary duty is to protect the upasakas of Para Devata
"Pathinalam Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 15 Bhooma Devi
Bhoomadevi is the consort of the Varaha Moorthi. She is Dharma Swaroopini and represents Kshama- forgiveness. Holding a paddy sheaf in her hand, She also indicates prosperity
"Pathinancham Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 16 Aghora
The following there are Astra Devatas. Ever ready for prayoga against the evil. Agora is one of the Astra of Shiva which he created to destroy the Tripurasuras. It can grants worldly good and salvation to the soul.
"Pathinaram Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 17 Pashupatha
Pashupata is Shiva’s personal asta and a most forceful one. It can even be discharged by eyes, words or mind. Its capable of destroying anything and can even stop creation.
"Pathinezham Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"

Step 18 Mrutyunjaya
Mrutyunjaya is yet another Astra which gives eternal state to the aspirant. This is not just to live a healthy life and get rid of ailments. This conquers mrutyu – the permanent state of existence; Thats knowing the self; being self; Thats Thathwamasi.
"Pathinettam Thruppadiye Sharanam Ayyappa"