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This is an organization providing various services and assistance to the Ayyapa devotees coming to Sabarimala. It is because of the several hardships that the pilgrims have to face, that it was felt that a voluntary organization of service-minded volunteers necessary. That was half a century ago on 120 Dhanu 20 of the Kerala Era corresponding the year 1944 A.D. Because of its usefulness in providing valuable services not only to th, pilgrims, but also to the general public, it grew and at present there are nearly 2000 branches allover India, thousands of volunteer members and patrons, and several Ayyappa shrines, temples bhajan mandirs, hospitals, clinics, etc. Provision of medical assistance to the pilgrims suffering from illness, provision of herbal water (dry-ginger water etc), resting facilities, information centres, announcements through loud-speakers, guidance services, ambulance services, etc. are the most important g services provided by the Ayyappa Seva Sanghom. Besides the Sanghom has been e requesting the Government to construct more facilities and provide services to the ever- increasing number of pilgrims. Under the auspices of the Sanghom resources have been mobilized for constructing permanent, temporary medical centres giving treatments according to Allopathy, Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic systems of medicine. The Sanghom has been conducting religious instruction classes, Sanskrit classes, and bhajans. There are about 50 temples under the Sanghom. Pilgrims in need of any assistance or guidance or information can approach the Ayyappa Seva Sanghom offices or stalls. along the route of their journey with full confidence. Their offices, permanent or temporary, can be seen at all the major centres.


Sabarimala Ayyappa Seva Samajam is a service organisation working for the propagation and protection of Ayyappa Dharma. Registered as a Public Charitable Trust, the Samajamís activities have spread throughout Andhra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala within a short time. Service activities are being done through Committees at the state, district, taluk and village levels. Various Projects aimed at the growth of Ayyappa devotion and awareness of Dharma for developing social change have been envisaged and are being pursued.

Wesite: www.sabarimalaseva.org

Ayyappa Dharma Parishat

Sabrimala Sree Ayyappa Dharma Parishath eg. No.658/200 is an organization started under the leadership of a few dedicated ayyappa devotees with the avowed object of propagation of Ayyappa Dharma (Ayyappa Cult) on a global basis. The Activites taken up are on the dharmic principles of Lord Ayyappa, without Distinction of caste, creed or position. The propagation of this Dharma is the felt need of the Present which is encountered with con- . flicts, hatredand quarrels based on religions, regions countries and economic disparties. The organization is only two years old. Immediately on the formation of the organisaton a national convention for propagation of Ayyappa Dharma was held at Kochi for 3 days in Dece. 2000, enlisting the participation of thousand of devotees and spiritual leaders. The second in- ternational convention was held at Thirpur in Nov. 2001, where also thousands of devotees participated. In association with KG Heart Hospital Coimbatore a medical camp and Ambu- lance service were conducted at Pambaduring last MandalaPooja festival season. Volunteer Services were also rendered.

The Parishath proposes to continue its service activities and ambulance ser- vice during the ensuing festival season. in addition it has also programed to conduct Annadhanam and social services at Pama and sannidhanam during the ensuing mandalapooja Makaravillakku festival season.

Shri Bhoothanatha Organisation - Shri Bhoothanatha Sthapanam

This organisation is one among the first voluntary organization rendering service to Sabarimala pilgrims. It was originated in every modest way with about 200 lemons in 1953 January by an earnest devotee, Shri Raghava Menon. As there was a shortage of pure drinking water, it was intended to supply drinking water. Thus they started supplying herbal water (dry ginger water). It was provided in the beginning in front of the sacred eighteen steps. Later on staunch Ayyappa devotees Sankarathapuram Madhavan Thampi, A. R. Menon from Ernakulam, Minnal Parameswaram Pillai, Number two Menon and Pandalam Sankara Pillai together formed a Committee. At present it is set up near the fly over on the way to Mallikappuram. Though the Devaswom Board was indifferent to this organization, the High Court let it continue its functioning.

Advocate K. K. Gopinath Nair is the President and K. Sankarapillai the Secretary of Shri Bhoothanatha Organization.